Vanish Oxi Action White Powder 1.9Kg


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Introducing the Vanish Oxi Action White Powder 1.9Kg – the perfect solution for all your tough stain problems. This powerful stain remover is designed to effectively remove stains from white clothing and fabrics, leaving them looking bright and new.

Formulated with Oxi Action technology, this powder penetrates deep into the fabric to break down stains and dirt particles, lifting them from the material’s fibers quickly. With Vanish Gold Oxi Action White Powder, you can now remove stubborn stains like red wine spills or tomato sauce marks with ease.

Easy to use – simply add one scoop of powder into every wash load for outstanding results that will leave your white clothes looking brand new again! With a 1.9Kg pack size on offer, you can tackle all your laundry needs without worrying about running out of product anytime soon.

Vanish Gold Oxi Action White Powder is safe for use on both colored and white fabrics without causing any damage or color fading issues caused by bleach products.

Say goodbye to stubborn stains by making Vanish Gold Oxi Action White Powder a part of your laundry routine today!

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