Puppy Training Pads 60 x 60cm 100 Pack


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Introducing our Puppy Training Pads , the perfect solution for your furry friend’s potty training needs. Measuring 60 x 60cm, our training pads come in a convenient pack of 100 to ensure you have an ample supply to last you through your puppy’s training phases.

Our pads are designed with a quilted surface to quickly absorb and lock in moisture, preventing any unwanted spills or leaks on your floors. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as our pads come with an added scent that entices puppies and encourages them to use it during their potty sessions.

The quilted design also ensures that the surface remains dry and comfortable for your puppy’s delicate paws as they get used to their new routine. Our pads are versatile enough for use indoors or outdoors and can be easily disposed of once used.

We understand how important it is for pet owners like yourself who care about the environment; hence we have made sure that our Quilted Puppy Training Pads are eco-friendly. You can rest assured about the safety of both your pet while also contributing towards environmental preservation.

In summary, if you’re looking for an easy solution towards hassle-free puppy potty training sessions without damaging the environment, look no further than these Quilted Puppy Training Pads!

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