Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4, 84 Nappies, 9kg – 14kg, Jumbo+ Pack

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Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4, 84 Nappies, 9kg – 14kg, Jumbo+ Pack

Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4 diapers come in jumbo+ pack of 84 nappies, suitable for babies weighing between 9kg to 14kg. These diapers are designed to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours, providing overnight protection. With their unique three-layer absorbent core and soft outer layer, these diapers offer your little one maximum comfort and protection against leaks.

Key Features:
– Jumbo+ pack of size 4 diapers with a total of 84 nappies
– Suitable for babies weighing between 9kg to14kg
– Provides up to12 hours of dryness and overnight protection
– Features a soft outer layer and unique three-layer absorbent core
– Offers maximum comfort and prevents leaks

Pampers Baby-Dry Size4 is the perfect choice for parents who want their baby’s diaper changing routine as hassle-free as possible. The jumbo+ pack makes it easy to stock up on these high-quality nappies that offer excellent value for money.

The unique three-layer absorbent core quickly draws in wetness away from the skin while the soft outer layer feels gentle against even the most delicate skin. This ensures that your little one stays comfortable all day long without any leakage worries.

In conclusion, Pampers Baby-Dry Size4 is a reliable diaper solution that offers long-lasting dryness while keeping your baby comfortable throughout the day or night.

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