Fairy Fabric Softener Original 118 washes


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Experience incredibly soft and fresh laundry with Fairy Fabric Softener Original, designed to provide you with 118 washes of pure comfort. This bottle of fabric softener is a perfect addition to your laundry routine, leaving your clothes feeling extra smooth and delicately scented.

With its unique formula, Fairy Fabric Softener Original is gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. It works by reducing wrinkles and static cling for a crisp finish that lasts. You can trust that this fabric softener will leave your clothes looking great while also offering long-lasting freshness.

The large size of this bottle makes it an excellent value for money as it provides you with over 100 washes at an affordable price point. It’s perfect for families or those who frequently do laundry as it will last you a long time.

Revive dull-looking clothes by adding Fairy Fabric Softener Original to your washing machine’s rinse cycle, freeing up the fibers’ natural flexibility while also smoothing out any roughness or stiffness in the fabrics.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something that can bring out the best in all types of fabrics while being gentle on skin – without breaking the bank – then look no further than Fairy Fabric Softener Original!

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