Cosmetic Box L.O.L Surprise


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Cosmetic Box L.O.L Surprise

The LOL Surprise! Cosmetic Box is a must-have for children who love to play pretend with makeup. This set includes a face mask, lip gloss, 4 eyeshadows and 3 bath bombs that will keep your child entertained for hours. The cosmetic items are safe for children to use and encourage their creativity and imagination.

The bath bombs are perfect for a relaxing spa day at home while the face mask will leave your child’s skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The lip gloss adds the finishing touch to any makeup look while the eyeshadows allow your child to experiment with different color combinations.

This cosmetic box is an excellent addition to any dress-up or make-believe collection, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. It’s perfect as a gift or as an educational tool that promotes creativity in children.

In summary, the LOL Surprise! Cosmetic Box includes everything needed to create fun and safe pretend-play makeup looks – from bath bombs down to lip glosses – making it ideal gift item or educational tool that fosters creativity in kids.

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