Avengers Bath Selection Set


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Introducing the Avengers Bath Selection 5 piece Set, perfect for superhero fans looking to make bath time more exciting! This set includes five amazing bath products that will make every bath a thrilling experience.

Inside the box, you will find a Hulk Bath Spaghetti that is sure to turn your water green and create Hulk-sized bubbles. Additionally, there’s a Soap Bubble Bath that’s perfect for creating lots of bubbles and foam. You’ll also find a Bath Fizzer which dissolves in water to release an exciting fizzing sensation.

Adding more fun to your bathing experience is the included Bath Slime. This unique substance changes color in water and provides an engaging tactile sensation while you bathe. The final product in this set is Moulding Soap which lets you create fun soap shapes while keeping clean!

This Avengers-themed 5 piece Set is suitable for children aged 6+ years old who want to have some superhero-inspired fun during their bathing time.

Get ready for an immersive bathing experience with this amazing selection of products!

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