Ariel Fast Dissolving Washing Powder 140 Washes


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Introducing Ariel Fast Dissolving Washing Powder 140 Washes – the revolutionary laundry detergent that guarantees to leave your clothes looking clean, fresh, and smelling heavenly.

With this product’s impressive 140 washes capacity, you can rest assured that it will last longer than most detergents in the market. This feature makes it ideal for large families or anyone seeking a cost-effective solution to their laundry needs.

Ariel Washing Power 140 Washes doesn’t compromise on quality; it’s designed with advanced technology to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your clothes effortlessly. From coffee stains on white shirts to muddy sports gear – this detergent is a game-changer.

This powerful washing powder is specially formulated with active ingredients that penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothing, leaving them looking brighter and feeling softer than ever before.

In summary, Ariel Washing Power 140 Washes is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an affordable yet highly effective laundry detergent. With its impressive washing capacity and advanced cleaning technology, you can’t go wrong with choosing this product for all your laundry needs!


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